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    Nagyon szépen köszönöm,remélem mihamarabb találkozunk

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    It was already some time that I was looking at the charming face of Kamilla on Beszamolok (I spend definitely too much time on the site :-) ). I exchanged some words on the chat and showed her that I was somebody sympathetic. When I knew that I would have some free time, I sent her an invitation on VTR the evening before the meeting and she replied in the next morning. I fixed the details afterwards with some SMS.
  • Megközelítés:

    The address was not indicated on the VTR system. I asked her then the address by SMS the day of the meeting around noon and she sent it immediately. Her apartment is not far from Nyugati Pályaudvar. So it is easy to arrive by public transport.
  • Helyszín:

    She has a nice appartment in a modern building. It is not large but the room is totally convenient and the bathroom has all what you need.
  • Lány külseje:

    Charming, she is really charming! She looks exactly like her pictures. She is really small and light but she is so cute. She has a beautiful and smiling face, delimited by long black hair and she has two small and cute boobs. She looks like a small fragile doll. She welcomed me nude with just a tiny pink string, just to say that she was not completely nude. In the beginning, she was a little bit timid.
  • Action:

    I had booked initially one hour but finally I stayed two hours. The social time was limited because she knows only a few words of English but it was not a problem, we spoke with the eyes and the smiles.
    I left to take a shower and, when I came back, she was lying on her bed still with her tiny pink string. We started to caress us reciprocally, I was particularly interested by her tiny cute boobs that I titillated delicately. Her nipples reacted immediately. On the other hand, she was not really kissing, just a few kisses from time to time. But with the time, she was going to defrost and start smiling spontaneously. I removed her string and moved on her, starting licking her nipples, what she appreciated very well. I went down to her pussy and I began licking her tenderly. I continued more and more rapidly, more and more intensively. Her breath intensified and she tightened my hand. She reached an orgasm and she sat up straight happy.
    We exchanged our places and she started sucking my penis without condom, delightfully. After a few minutes, she put a condom and she continued to suck me a bit. She then asked me in which position I would like to continue. I proposed her to start in cowgirl position. She went on me and introduced slowly my penis in her tight pussy. She rode me for a while and more and more frenetically, in cowgirl position then crouched and later again in cowgirl position. I grabbed alternatively her small and cute boobs and her buttocks just as small and cute, and, in my turn, I passed the top gear. We stopped both exhausted.
    As the time had almost elapsed and we had not yet finished, I offered her to stay one more hour and hopefully she was free. We resumed caressing us reciprocally and after a while, she began to masturbate me more and more rapidly. She then put a condom and sucked me a few minutes. The view of her beautiful face and beautiful dark eyes with my penis is her mouth was absolutely delightful. She invited me to enter into her in missionary position, what I did with obedience. I went in and out her, taking well care to lick her sensitive nipples. We changed then to a doggy position in which I enjoyed caressing and kneading the tiny and cute boobs and buttocks of this charming, fragile, little doll. I finally exploded into her and we both collapsed on the bed, exhausted and totally satisfied. Now, unlike the beginning of the meeting, she was smiling generously and sincerely :-). We relaxed some time on the bed, exchanging some words with Google Translate. It was already and unfortunately time to go.
  • Elszámolás:

    Everything was agreed previously and there was no surprise. I put discreetly my gift on the furniture. The gift was really honest for the moment spent.
  • Összkép:

    She is a very cute and very sympathetic little doll. But you have to tame it, slowly and gently. When she is tamed, she is a very nice girlfriend. Look at this charming smile :-).
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