• Emily Hudson

  • Ne vedd készpénznek a beszámolót, az író még nem érte el a Már Valaki itt rangot!
  • Beküldte:
  • Egyeztetés:

    Found her contact some months ago from a website, but I never had the opportunity to actually visit. We mostly communicated via WhatsApp and agreed about everything promptly.
  • Megközelítés:

    Have arrived via taxi and it was easy to find the building. I messaged her once I was in front and she sent me all the details in order to enter.
  • Helyszín:

    Apartment is fully suitable for the purpose! The bathroom is really nice and comfortable, and supplied with everything you need! I was a bit concerned with the bed at the beginning since I'm a bigger guy and I thought that the bed would not hold me and her together, but it was perfect! There's a cleverly positioned mirror so that you can also enjoy the act in that way as well.
  • Lány külseje:

    Wow. I mean I expected a taller girl based on the images, however, she did not disappoint! Other than that, she does not advertise with a face, but that's not a problem, in fact it's perfect :)

    When I came in the apartment she was wearing a nice dress, and when I came out of the bathroom she was already waiting for me naked in the room.
  • Erotikus masszázs:

    Since we agreed on the 2h delux package, there was plenty! We started by me laying on my back with a nice massage from my feet up to my neck, with a couple of pit stops. I especially liked how she gently teased my ass and balls from behind which was really good. I could look at her amazing body in the mirror.

    After some more pampering, she whispered to me to turn around, so I did. Then she performed the best massage I have ever had. She was performing all sorts of moves that really excite you, including massaging the entire body with her beasts, including allowing you to kiss and lick her nipples, which was great. My most favorite moment is when she held my hands and pulled me into a sitting position and directed my arms to massage her body, mostly her beasts. This is also a situation where our private areas got really close and it was beautifully teasing. Then she also got into a sitting position and we hugged.

    After that I laid back to bed and final stages began, where she guided me to a fantastic orgasm.
  • Levezetés:

    Body to body massage, tantra and lingam massage at the end.
  • Elszámolás:

    There's also a form of fetish massage, but I did not take that.
  • Összkép:

    Overall, it was a magical experience for me, and I wanted to book another session with her, but unfortunately she was unavailable for the rest of the days I was in Budapest.
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