• Kamilla

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    I have already met Kamilla several times before and I wanted to see again her charming smiling face. Each time that I visit the website and I see her pictures, I am in love. As she announces squirting, I wanted to see it. One week before my visit, I sent a VTR request and she replied the same day. We continued with some messages and I confirmed the day before the meeting by SMS.
  • Megközelítés:

    As I know the place, no problem to arrive. Her apartment is not far from Nyugati Pályaudvar. So it is easy to arrive by public transport even if it is necessary to walk a bit.
  • Helyszín:

    She has a nice apartment in a modern building with a large inner court. It is not large but the room is totally convenient, modern and luminous, and the bathroom has all what you need.
  • Lány külseje:

    Charming, she is really charming! She looks exactly like her pictures. She is really small and light but she is so cute. She has a beautiful and smiling face, delimited by long black hair and she has two small and cute boobs. She has several tattoos among which one is particularly well placed :-) She looks like a small fragile doll.
    She welcomed me in a short pink dress, with her marvellous smile.
  • Action:

    The meeting lasted two hours. The social time was limited because she knows only a few words of English and German but it was not a problem, we spoke with the eyes and the smiles. And anyway, I did not want necessarily to talk :-) She offered me a glass of water before starting.
    I left to take a shower and, surprise, she arrived also in the bath and took her shower. It was exciting to the take the shower together and to admire her beautiful small and cute body.
    We went then back to the room and started to kiss and caress us reciprocally. I was particularly interested by her beautiful tattoo supporting her tiny cute boobs. I titillated them delicately and her nipples reacted immediately. She was always smiling and laughing.
    We lay down on the bed and we had still a lot of kisses and caresses. I moved then on her to kiss her body and her cute boobs, going down slowly up to her hidden treasure. I began licking her pretty pussy tenderly. She has in fact a developed and very beautiful oyster. I continued more and more rapidly, more and more intensively. Her breath intensified and her body started to move. After a certain moment, she tightened my hand and reached an orgasm. She looked so happy.
    She sat up straight very pleased and we exchanged our places. She started to lick and suck my rod without condom for a few minutes, delightfully caressing and kneading my balls. It was also delightful to see my penis disappearing in her beautiful small mouth, watching her beautiful eyes. After a few minutes, she put a condom and she went on me in cowgirl position. She introduced slowly my penis in her tight pussy. She rode me for a while and more and more frenetically. I then sat up straight to grip her body and lick her cute boobs what she appreciated seemingly very much. I lay down again and she continued to ride me in cowgirl.
    After a few minutes, I asked her to change the position and I came behind her in doggy position. I entered delicately in her pussy to not hurt this beautiful fragile doll and I went in and out her for a while, taking well care to caress and knead her tiny and cute boobs and buttocks. I finally exploded into her and we both collapsed on the bed, exhausted and totally satisfied.
    She offered me then a very long and really professional massage, sometimes strong, sometimes soft, insisting well on the muscles, the vertebra....
    After the massage, I enquired about the squirting. I started then a second cunnilingus, alternating soft and strong moments, for a long time. She loved it, moaning, moving and finally having again an explosive orgasm. But the squirt did not happen.
    We relaxed some more time on the bed, in each other's arms, still with a lot of kisses and caresses, and it was already and unfortunately time to go.
  • Elszámolás:

    Everything was agreed previously and there was no surprise. I put discreetly my gift on the furniture. The gift was really honest for the great moment spent.
  • Összkép:

    She is so cute and so kind, so smiling. I love this beautiful little doll. And moreover, her massage is a really professional.
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