Moderation principles


Since the page was launched, we have invested a hell lot of energy to prevent our page from being considered as a firm against the advertisers, or as an unreliable, incorrect one.

Unfortunately there are many (e.g. manager, ex-boyfriend, whom a girl abandoned) who, want to take revenge, and do it as their regular sport to make a certain girl fall into disrepute. It has happened many times that these "gentlemen" did not tell the truth, saying the girl had false photos, when her pic was natural, even without retouch, only face-blinding. In these cases the girl rightly calls me and shouts at me furioussly, or smudges the reputation of the page...rightly.

The page has a team of old, reliable regular visitors, good sources of good info. They know the rules, and write only true thing, that cover reality. I trust them and pay attention to their words. The others must achieve and deserve this trust, in a way that they also contribute with their reviews (writings) for the sake and interest of this decent group. On the other hand: those who disappoint us and abuse this trust, will automatically get in my bad books and we will fire them out of the page immediately.

You can send your feedback either in personal messages via e-mail (e.g. about a photo), I will read everything, look into everything, and if these comments prove to be true, I will act accordingly.

But hard and strict moderation is needed to make sure that ONLY those comments are put on the page that are true, and the uncheckable gossips and revenge-driven writings should not. Many people view the page, those who like what the girl offer, sooner or later will find us. It generates responsibility from my side, I am not to allow to release any unchecked material, I cannot do it, please understand this.

I ask you to keep to the rules. It may seem we have carried away with them a bit, but we would rather delete with a stronger eraser, but we don´t want to make mistakes with publishing false infos.


Every phone number that belongs to an ad has a topic which appears under the girl´s ad, the reviews and comments.

At present the following rules are in force or otherwise we will delete you immediately (with 5 points deducted):

  • Comments on the range, choice, services or prices the girls offer. Everybody can offer what they want and for as much money as they want, then the guests can decide whether they want a service for that much.
  • IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED to upload photos with faces in a comment about a girl who advertises in her ad with her face photo.. Its due is AN IMMEDIATE BAN FROM THE PAGE! We don´t want any legal debates because somebody goes against the privacy rights-act. Do not link any other page in, for doing so a warning comes first, but if you keep on doing that regularly, several times, then we will put a ban on you. For such a ban: it is far enough to link in even ONE photo with face!
  • Discussions over the reviews HAVE NO POSSIBILITY in the chats. The writer of the review writes what he wants, the advertiser may react to it. That is all, nothing else or more. If you have been there and have some opinion, we expect that among the REVIEWS.
  • Comments about false photos should be sent to the moderators in a personal message. We checked everything, but the unfounded allegations are not allowed to appear on the site, only that, what only we know that is true.
  • We immediately delete anything that may humiliate, hurt or view the girls (and their guests) as objects.
  • We will also delete the gossip-level assumptions,("I heard it somewhere" types).
  • Advertising, the advertising is the ad, in the chat can be talk. Advertise Promotions etc. is prohibited. We operate for the specials announce shortly a new interface.


We only moderate in extreme cases. Anything is OK, except for personal remarks, within the frames of common sense. Deletion is really rare here. There are many other methods to convince those ones whose "fuses blew up" :)

On the message board at present the chat rules are to be applied with one complementation: the advertisers are not allowed to promote themselves or the other advertisers.

We may add to this in the future but for now that´s all there is to it.

If somebody feels that they suffered any grief, turn to me in a personal message, and I will attend to it. A deletion only means that something is not published, but still remains in the system and I can look at it.

I ask you to keep to the rules. It may seem we have carried away with them a bit, but we would rather delete with a stronger eraser, but we don´t want to make mistakes with publishing false infos.