Legal declaration

The content on the page is not created by the "Portál Média kft", it comes into being as a result of the users´ uploads.
The "Portál Média kft." oly provides the users with the system and the possibility so that they can share certain contents with each other, the company does not check upon if these contents comply with the law or not.

The advertisements are sent in by the advertisers, who at that time accept the advertising conditions and tules namely that they only advertise with real photos and other details and they themselves create and send in their ads.

The list of the girls advertising on the web is an automatically generated list which contains extracts from the ads of certain pages, always indicating the source of the info. (1 piece of smallified, cropped photo is like that, in our point of view).

The reviews and comments reflect the users´ opinion about the ads and their operators (who are publicly place their ads on the web), but they do not reflect the opinion of "Portál Média kft.". When a public ad ceases to exist and the owner of the ad notifies us of that, we remove their review(s) from the page. After being sent in, the reviews/comments are rendered as the properties of "Portál Média kft." individually and at system level, too, and the company can make its decisions of how to use them, whether to modify them or not, to delete them or not. With any objection raised about these things, turn to the "Portál Média kft".

The videos are sent in by the users and we are not in competence to check if they are "legally clear".

If anybody finds some legally not clear content on our page (Video, photo, text) the proprietor of these datas (trade marks) should send us the documentation via e-mail (in a written) form, justifying with the documents that he/she owns the rights of those writings. Then, of course, we will remove that content.

But at the same time we would like to draw attention to the act restricting these owner"s (author´s) rights, and we uphold our rights to publicise extracts as "quotations".

About the reviews: we think that anybody can react in public to an ad displayed in public. When the ads of a certain service-supplier were on the net, but are not there any more, and the firm tells us this, then - after checking it - we will also remove all the contents about the supplier within 24 hours.

Some content elements can be quoted from the page, by displaying the source with a reference of a link, a link that refers to the "" page. A total copy is only allowed for non-profit usage.

To execute anything, to act in the name of the page is considered as fraud, and in every case we will take the necessary legal steps to prevent these things from occurring again.

Terms and conditions

The users of our services accept and respect -with appropriate behaviour and obeying to our rules- the "Terms and conditions" and our data protection rules.

  1. Only people over 18 can use the services of "".
  2. The user is responsible for all those activities that happen in the system under his registered name.
  3. The user is responsible to keep his password safe.
  4. The user must not attack, insult, or/and hurt any other users in any way.
  5. The user is not allowed to use the services of "" for any illegal action.
  6. The user bears responsibility for all the contents -whether it be text, photo or audio recording- that are published on the "".
  7. The user must not upload any virus or other harmful code onto "".
  8. The user must not breach any national law in force.
  9. In connection with the uploaded contents, the user authorises the "" to display the contents(or parts, extracts, selected paragraph of them etc.) on different pages of the internet or/and on the TV. After uploading them, the users reviews become the intellectual propertise of "Portál Média kft".
  10. If a user finds it that any video on the surface of the pages of "" causes him legal grievance, and can prove it properly, the operators will remove the file within 24 hours.
  11. The "" tries hard to operate decently, but cannot take the responsbility for the temporary malfunctions of the availability of the services, for the integrity and availability of the services.
Basic principles of contents:
  1. Do not be offensive. - Never upload materials that are threatening, slanderous, hurt personal rights, or human dignity is hatred, or inciting. Do not even write comments with the above content.
  2. Do not attack the minorities! - Do not upload and publicise any content that may hurt ethnic minorities in any form.
  3. Do not pretend to be somebody else - Do not pretend yourself as an official representative, for example. Do not hint that you have good relations with a "" representative. Do not pretend to be another user, and do not publicise in anybody else´s name.
  4. Do not comit forgery - Do not forge ID´s and do not use those of the others.
  5. Do not plagiarize, do not steal ideas - Do not upload materials you are not allowed to, or those that somebody else has already uploaded.
  6. Do not hurt the rights of the others - Never upload and publicise or make those materials available in other ways that may hurt author´s rights, trade secrets, a patent, a registered trade mark, or any other proprietor´s rights.
  7. Do not advertise anything in the comments. - Do not put advertising texts in edgeways into the comments, because we will delete them.
  8. Do not hurt us! - Do not try to cause malfunctions in our operational systems.
  9. Do not insult or nag anybody- Do not nag, insult other users and advertisers in an way, do not frighten them either.