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The site based on the the concept and experiences of the hungarian 8 years experience and extraordinary success has shown us that there is demand for a site what the pretensions of the fair advertisers and visitors equally and on maximum level attend and at the same time open the door to such things like community, contacting and collect of some information. Therefore, we decided to present our concept for Europe as well.

We prefer the contact tipically in writing. You can reach us in Skype, chat, phone, Viber, email and personal message (on the site). In workday we answer all within 24 hours, we handle all changing request. We are available online generally between 9-19 (GMT+2) hours, but in writing often beyond these hours as well.

Please, read carefully from the real advertisements the following:
  • If you publish an ad, we ask you to fill in your personal data in greater detail.
  • Give your data according to the truth.
  • You can advertise only with your own real photos what were taken from you.
  • We don't prohibited the ads with retouched photos, but we indicate always if the provided photo is retouched. If you cannot indicate that your pictures are retouched, we handle as if you publish pictures from another girl and your ad will be brand as bull and untruth ad.
  • If you travel another country, give us your new phone number (if you available one) and we rewrite it. You don't need publish new advert, because your until now accomplished chatting and reviews are attached to the old phone number.
  • If you finished with this activity, indicate us and if you have no active advertise in the net, we will make unavailable any information of yours what we have (such as chat, reviews, etc.)
  • Your ad can activate for 30 days. You will become a warning after 25 days of activation that your advertise will expire. You can activate it for 30 days at any time before 5 days of the expire or after expire as well. It needs that such adverts can be on the site what are really available and not remaind from the past, unavalable and not up-to-date. Our admins have 8 years experience, they disclose in no time if somebody isn't correct in advertisement.
  • You can speed up quickly the judgement and the publish of your advert with uploading of an amateur portrait of yours in your pictures upload. This is a separate possibility, don't upload it in the advertising pictures! This portrait we will never publish on the site, it's only for admins because of the verification. They can with this easly decide, do you are really so beautiful or you want to advert with a picture of a famous model. :)
  • By all activation request, all data and picture changing our administrators check the advert soon and who doesn't observe the rules above, they will deny the chance for advertise
  • All advertisers of us have ONE chance to ask for a clean slate. This means in our site that we delete all the history of the advert. For example we delete the negativ reviews, suspension for bull photos, etc. So, the advertisers can begin all with a clean slate. We can offer this chance one time, setting out from it that everybody can fail. Because we want to give an advertising surface for a correct quality advertisers who are fail one more (several times), we don't give advertising option for it.

The rules above guarantee that we have a correct, good advertisers and the guests trust the information found in the site. This two mean that we will offer a very effective advertising surface.

You can find our contact site below the CONTACT menu on the left side.

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