About the site

The site callgirl-list.com based on the the concept and experiences of the hungarian beszamolok.com. 8 years experience and extraordinary success has shown us that there is demand for a site what the pretensions of the fair advertisers and visitors equally and on maximum level attend and at the same time open the door to such things like community, contacting and collect of some information. Therefore, we decided to present our concept for Europe as well.

We try to be impartial and listen to both sides such as to sides of the advertisers and the guests as well. Guests can share their experiences, find all the necessary information in great variety in advertising sheets, they can make an appointment online, plan a route, orient a map.

We think that this success is mainly due to 5 things:
  • Continous development based on the users´ feedbacks.
  • A well-organised page surface, which offers the collected hell lot of info in a categorised, well-organised and easy-to-find form.
  • Good relationship, both with the guests´ and the advertisers´ side. Correct information, and service based on true facts without either side´s being privileged, and in connection with that: the stone-strict upholding of the rules (formed and created on many years´ experience) in the hope of the best future co-operation and "peaceful co-habitance". :)
  • The old-fashioned advertising pages try to serve the advertisers´ interests at the guests´ expenses: the traditional interest-safeguarding forums just do the opposite: serve the guests at the advertisers´ expenses. This gives rise to many problems and basically turns these two parties against each other. Our aim is to create a fair relationship, and get the decent guests to the high-quality service suppliers.
  • A new approach to the rivals on the market. We try to create good partnership with them, change information and share contents with them, as long as the fair play business is kept from the other side. Our partnership programme is available for anybody, from the smallest to the biggest ones. (The latter ones do not really wish to take advantage of this partnership -it is NOT everybody´s business slogan that it will be better for me, if the others don´t do well! :))

The thing works because of a constructive attitude and both the guest and the advertisers win, who will remain on the site.

We would like to follow this line in the future, so we will expect your feedbacks and comments about the page under menu item CONTACT mainly in email or text message:).