About the reviews

The first and the most important thing: we treat the reports and the advertisings totally separately. There is no context within them, apart from the person in the advertising and in the report. Completely irrelevant to make a current advertising or not, after the report will be advertised (if the reviews are a negative one) or whatever. There are two separated contact team at our side: one for the advertisers, and another, separated one, that judges the reports.

The reports are the feedbeak of the clients, so we ask do not write a report who is close to an advertiser. These reports will be ranked to an advertisement, a lie or a false report, independently of its true value. We wait for reviews from guests who used the service of the advertisers.

Before they will online, every report will checked by our administration. Those reports, that push off the reality, or the liar, false, injurious writings will be filtered, we have 8 year experiences in that. Fair advertisers benefits may originate for reports only, because the rest of the optional guests trust that things experienced by the author. This yields the increase of the number of the ones signing in.

We strictly punish doing business with the reports. In the case someone orders report(s) from someone else, both halves will be exclude from the side. Of course it is good that you are glad if they write about you and you signal it for us, since this is good for you – but bribery, etc. if it is mentioned and lightens up, it is definitive ban the result (the reason of which we will public) – belive it, it is not worth it.

The person about who the guests wrote, she may respond to the reports only. You find an option for that at the report. The place of this option is at the report, so this will be there. The guest may write his opinion, the advertiser may say thanks for it though, or may write her opinion if she does not agree with him - And for the thing here it is over, we prohibit from the continuation. A small talk is not that way truth, that let start a quarreling there. We check the reports very extensively. If there is something unsteady, we retain it rather while more sources do not confirm it its views. If negative report gets out after all, please respond and write your version for us. In this case we will not play as a judge, but we give room for both points of view, and all guests himself may decide, what believes of that thing. If a report gets out, that report is real with a very good chance, because it went through our filter.

When your phone number is changing, please let us know about this change. Then we change this data in our system and all the information about you will travel for your new number: the advertisement, the chat, the reports – all of them. We make this automatic because we can check that you did not distype it – for example where you should give a number in 10 digits, are there all of digits that the system need, or somebody else does not have advertising on the given phone number already, etc.

If you say that it is OVER and you embark on something else, please let us know about this and we will delete all reports when you have not actual advertise on the net.