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  • Ne vedd készpénznek a beszámolót, az író még nem érte el a Quite somebody here rangot!
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    Thanks Honey🥰😘❤️

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    I promised her to write a review, here it is :) It took some days to organize a meeting, mostly due to short notice from my side. I suggest to call the day before to go on the safe side.
  • Megközelítés:

    City center. Very comfortable by public transport (and a few minutes walk). Not sure by car, probably not that easy to find parking.
  • Helyszín:

    Everything clean, cozy. Mirror in the bedroom are a fantastic addition.
  • Lány külseje:

    For those looking for a Milf, I find difficult to think about a better woman. Very beautiful face, that's how I imagine queen Cleopatra could have looked like. Paired with a wonderfully tight body as can be see in pictures.
  • Action:

    She speaks ok english, good enough for the purpose :) I went for 1 hour

    She great me in a cheerful way, which gave a great start to our encounter. I quickly went for a shower, and when I came back she welcomed me with the sexy black vest that can be seen in the profile pictures.

    What followed was something that I experienced only watching porn movies :) while the girlfriend experience is surely there, my encounter was more on the "porn" side.

    I started jumping on her beautiful breast, and I could have easily spent the whole hour like this. She was very proactive, and in a moment she was already with my manhood in her mouth :) we had some mutual fun this way, then a couple of poses and I quickly capitulated. To notice the large mirror next to the bed, looking there gave the impression to be in a porn movie!

    In the interlude she was very kind, offered a drink and a cigaret. We then tried second act, but unfortunately I could not complete. To be said, she really tried yo help me but I was just too tired.
  • Elszámolás:

    Higher than average but justified by higher performance. Some extra I did not take.
  • Összkép:

    A great choice for those liking a milf tipe. Will visit surely in the future.
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